How to Remove or Disable Reels on Facebook App in 2022 (Updated!)

When you’re scrolling through your Facebook app, it’s likely that you come across a few video reels. These can be annoying and sometimes even frustrating. If this sounds like something you want to get rid of or disable, here is a quick tutorial on How to Remove or Disable Reels on Facebook App in 2021

Facebook has started rolling out reels, and TikTok-like short videos to the platform. Back in 2020 Facebook initially rolled out Reels on Instagram and now has announced that it has started rolling out reels on Facebook for iOS and Android.

If you’re using the Facebook app and don’t want Reels to appear in your feed, here are some simple measures you can do to avoid having reels appear in your feed. There is no direct way to remove reels from your Facebook. You need to follow a few steps to get there.

How to Remove or Disable Reels on Facebook App in 2021

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1. Use Third-Party Facebook apps

How to Remove or Disable Reels on Facebook App

There are numerous free and secure third-party Facebook clients available, each with a plethora of customizations and capabilities. These apps not only help you with removing reels but also in disabling or adding other features that the original Facebook app lacks.

I discovered two popular Facebook third-party clients that not only let you get rid of reels quickly but also provide the same Facebook experience while using them. The first is
SlimSocial, which you can install directly from the Google Play Store, and the second is Frost for Facebook, which you can find on github.

Features of Slim Social App

  • It is lightweight: it weighs less than 200 Kb;
  • It has a simple, modern design: there is only what you need;
  • It is open source: the code of this app is online on GitHub, and anyone can verify the authenticity of the app and contribute to its development.
  • It is free and without ads
  • it is not intrusive;
  • It respects your privacy: this app doesn’t require special permits. Without consensus Facebook can not access any data of your mobile phone;

Download: Android

2. Use the old version of Facebook

Using an older version of Facebook can automatically remove reels, but you may miss out on new features supplied by Facebook apart from reels. If you don’t mind missing the current update, this is the easiest way to get rid of reels.

You can simply uninstall the current Facebook and download the Older version of the Facebook app which doesn’t contain reels. You can view the detailed process below.

How to Remove/Disable the Facebook New App

  • Find the Facebook app on your smartphone and uninstall it
  • Click here to download an older version of Facebook
  • Once you downloaded it, Allow unknown sources to install the app and install the downloaded app on your smartphone.
  • Sign in with your Facebook account and start using the Facebook app without reels.
  • Make sure that you don’t update the app to continue using the Facebook app without reels.
  • To disable Auto-update
    • Go to Google Playstore
    • Search Facebook on Playstore
    • Tap on the three-dot menu on top and disable auto-update.

3. Use Facebook on your Browser

As of now Facebook Reels on only available within the Facebook app. You can use Facebook on your browser to get rid of reels. To use Facebook on your browser follow the steps below.

  • Open your favorite browser on your smartphone
  • Go to the URL and Type
  • And click enter. Sign in with your Facebook account and start using Facebook on your browser.

Bonus: You can also disable auto-playing reels by turning off auto-play videos. The reels will not be entirely removed. Instead, this stop just stops the auto-playing of the reels.

  • Go to your Facebook account and then to the top right corner’s menu choice.
  • Select ‘Settings and Privacy from the drop-down menu.
  • Now look in the menu for the ‘videos’ option. The toggle option to turn off video autoplay may be found here.

How to remove your own reels on Facebook

If you are the creator and looking to remove your own reels on Facebook, All you need is to just follow the simple steps. Facebook also started showing Instagram reels on the Facebook app. Thankfully you have total control of the reels that you posted on Instagram. If you don’t want the reels to appear on Facebook follow the simple steps.

  1. Tap your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile.
  2. Tap in the top right, then tap Settings.
  3. Tap Privacy, then tap Reels.
  4. Next to Recommend on Facebook, tap to turn it on or to turn it off.

So, this is how you can remove or disable reels on the Facebook app. Hope you find this tutorial helpful. If you have any suggestions you can suggest us at For more helpful Guides you can click the links below.

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