Microsoft will pay you Money if you contribute photos for A.I development

Microsoft now will pay you money through project Trove that helps to get A.I better. You can submit photos and earn money with Phone pay

Microsoft in a blog post today, announces a big announcement for Trove, a Microsoft Garage project. Now people can get paid for contributing accepted photos to AI projects in the Trove marketplace with new PayPal integration. This app is not available in India as of now. At this time, photo contributions are only available in the United States. Trove is accepting AI projects from anywhere.

How to download the Microsoft Trove app

  • To download web app : click here
  • To download android app : click here

Microsoft says Trove is a marketplace app that allows people to contribute photos to AI projects that developers can then use to train machine learning models. They’ve tested early versions of the experience with thousands of users, inspired by the desire to create a place where people can get rewarded for their photos, the Trove team has enabled payments for accepted photo contributions.

This is a good move from Microsoft, although there is some Privacy about your photos. But in the end, it’s up to you whether to compromise your photos or earn money and help A.I . To get better. For more information follow this blog.

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