You will soon experience TikTok style videos in Jio saavan soon

Triller an app that functions similarly to TikTok has inked a strategic partnership with Jio saavan to embed short videos into the app and also the app will provide a “prominent” button on its main screen that will enable its users to create a Triller video reported by TechCrunch.

After the TikTok ban, local companies and big social media giants like Facebook launched alternatives to TikTok. Now Jio saavan music streaming service in India trying to cash it. Last year, we learned, from sources close to JioSaavn, that the company had 104m Monthly Active Users (MAUs) as of April 29, 2019, and claims India’s largest music streaming service’.

Recently, reliance was in early discussions with ByteDance to invest in TikTok’s operations in India. As of now, we don’t have any updates from the sources. We should see how Jio saavan and Triller deal will end up. Anyhow Rishi Malhotra, co-founder, and chief executive of JioSaavn, said the partnership with Triller will enable “artists to create and express our culture in the most innovative ways. We are confident that this partnership will exponentially grow both companies.”

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