Facebook is accused of promoting hate speech posts in India

Latest reports from wall street journal is heating up facebook heat in India and linking to biggest scandal cambridge analytica

Facebook, the biggest social media platform in India is facing accusations of promoting hate speech posts in India in favor of the Bhartiya Janata party after a report by the Wall Street Journal on Friday.

The report claims that Ankhi Das, Facebook’s top public-policy executive in India, had opposed applying the company’s hate-speech rules to a member of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party. The report added that posts from at least three more members of BJP individuals and groups were flagged internally for “promoting or participating in violence.” via tech crunch.

Facebook responds to this issue, In a statement, a Facebook spokesperson said the platform prohibits hate speech and content that incites violence and that it enforces “these policies globally without regard to anyone’s political position/party affiliation.” – “We’re making progress on enforcement and conducting regular audits of our process to ensure fairness and accuracy,”

BJP also responds to this issue and offers a wide range of responses including Indian National Congress’ link with Cambridge Analytica and accused Indian National Congress’ supposed alliance with Facebook itself to “weaponize data before the elections.”

Both the parties are trying to accuse each other and Facebook faces heat India. For more updates stay tuned to our blog.

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