Micromax comeback might not be as effective as it sounds

Micromax the Indian smartphone company made an announcement on Saturday that the company is going to launch two new smartphones in the first week of November with a strong comeback and will counter Chinese smartphone companies ruling the Indian smartphone market.

With the high expectations and campaign from Micromax that highlights made in India and atmanirbhar Bharat might not be as effective as it seems. For the past couple of years, Chinese smartphone makers redmi and Realme ruling the Indian market with flooding smartphones to the Indian market. Additionally, these two companies also having sub-brands and launching a bunch of smartphones under sub-brands too.

India is a big smartphone market and the only success you make from it is offering value for money products. Apart from In logo on the back and Indian quotations I don’t think Micromax will be a competitor and rival to Chinese smartphone makers in India.

Not the right time

Micromax made an announcement back in August that the company is going to come back and will be soon announcing own in-house made smartphones for India and till now haven’t announced the launch date of the new upcoming smartphones, apart from motivation videos on Twitter. Meanwhile, other smartphone companies making Money by selling smartphones at most discounts and reducing demand.

Increasing Product life cycle

The other big challenge is increasing the product life cycle. Instead of increasing product life cycle companies launching successors very quickly. With the addition of sub-brands, this trend is becoming even worse. This is a very big challenge for a company like Micromax who can’t research and produce more products like Chinese smartphone makers.

Android Updates

As per rumors, Micromax is moving to stock android which is really a good move from Micromax. This helps the company to push more Android updates with less time. We should see how Micromax will promise further android updates to targeted customers.

I am not mocking Micromax because I still believe and wanted at least one Indian smartphone should be able to stand out like other companies in both India and Globally. We should what will happen in the future. Hoping for the best.