Battle Grounds Mobile India: Everything you should know

Here is everything you should know about Battle Grounds Mobile India. Krafton is soon going to launch its Battle Grounds Mobile India game in India.

The developers of PUBG announced a new game for India called Battle Grounds Mobile India – a special version of PUBG designed for India after the original PUBG mobile banned in India back in 2020. Here is everything you should know about Battle Grounds Mobile India

PUBG vs Battle Grounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India is expected to offer the same game modes such as PUBG Mobile, including battle royale, team deathmatch, war and more. The game may also have the same Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi maps with some modifications that will be exclusive for India.

The company also said to increase data security of Indian users, reducing the time spent on Game, limiting in app purchases and more.

When Battle Grounds Mobile India is going to launch ?

According to Krafton, Battle Grounds Mobile India is soon going to open for pre-registration and will be available for all users soon. As of now, the game rumored to launch in India at the end of May. However, there is no official timeline shared by the company yet.

We also don’t know whether the Indian Government approved to launch of this game in India or Krafton is going to launch it as a totally new entity that doesn’t need any permission from the Government.

Here is the link to the video ( Update: The video listed as Private):

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