best external SSD under 3000 rupees in India

Solid-state drives (SSDs) and hard disk drives (HDDs) are the two main storage options available right now. If you are running out of storage and Willing to get the new external disk to store all your files you have got into the right place. In this Guide, with the help of experts, I have listed out best external SSD under 3000 rupees in India.


HDD vs SSD | best external SSD under 3000 rupees in India
HDD vs SSD | image by Intel

Before choosing SSD let’s compare SSD with HDD and know the differences between them to get more idea why SSD are most popular and expensive than HDD

HDD is a data storage device that lives inside the computer. It has spinning disks inside where data is stored magnetically.

SSDs have no moving parts. In an SSD, all data is stored in integrated circuits. Keep in mind that SSDs are more expensive than HDDs.

How to choose the best SSDs for your need

Size and storage

Before buying SSD as I said before SSDs are expensive than HDD. If you want more storage you need to spend more money. The size also Matters if you want the smallest and compact SSD that is portable. Make sure that you decided on the right amount of storage and size of SSD before buying. SSDs for computers are available in 120 GB to 4 TB capacities.


Not every SSD is faster than HDD. You need to check the transfer speeds before considering buying an SSD. SATA and PCIe are two different kinds of interfaces in SSD. SATA is an older, slower, legacy technology, while PCIe is newer and faster.

best external SSD under 3000 rupees in India

To be frank it’s hard to get the best SSDS under 3000 rupees in India. If you are on a tight budget and seriously considering buying one, I have listed out a few below.